Your PackSure Gift

Tried and Tested For Your Enjoyment

Thank you for attending our stand at the Luxury Packaging Show in London.
We're delighted to meet you and appreciate your interest in PackSure.

As a thank you, you have been gifted a small, lab tested packaging box, containing a tasty cocktail.

Here's some more info about both.
Fully tested packaging

To make sure your gift gets home with you in perfect condition, PackSure has tested this particular pack as follows:

Drop Me: The Drop Test

Tested to the ISTA 6-AMAZON.COM.SIOC standard method, sequence of 17 drops in total.

Rub Me: The Rub Test

Test conducted with general accordance to ASTM D5264 - Standard Practice for Abrasion Resistance of Printed Material.

  • Speed - 106 cycles/min
  • Number of strokes - 500
  • Weight - 6 lb
Chill Me: The Climatic Test

PackSure has tested this pack in our refrigeration chamber at an average of 3˚C for 24 hours.

Transport Me: The Transit Test

Tested to the ISTA 6-AMAZON.COM.SIOC standard method, 4 random vibration cycles.

Any use outwith the above parameters has not been verified and is therefore not recommended.

Serving your cocktail

PackSure Old Fashioned

A specially crafted cocktail has been created for your enjoyment - Aptly named the "PackSure Old Fashioned"


  • Scallywag Blended Scotch Whisky
  • Sugar Syrup
  • Angostura Bitters
  • Scottish Water

How to serve

Chill and serve over ice in a Rocks glass.

We suggest adding an orange peel or Luxardo cherry.

A gentle reminder, to always drink responsibly.

A lab dedicated to testing packaging performance for the drinks industry.