The benefits of performance testing with PackSure

PackSure is Scotland's only packaging performance testing lab dedicated to the drinks industry. We have years of experience working with global brands and understand what it takes to make packaging that:

  • displays your product at its best
  • protects your product, and your consumer
  • makes the most of your budget and materials, letting nothing go to waste

We support some of the biggest names in the business to verify their packaging, and can do the same for you. Our open, honest and transparent approach to testing ensures you are risk-free when you go to market.

Our location in the Central Belt of Scotland, within a short distance of Glasgow and Edinburgh airports, is conveniently situated for you to drop off samples with us directly, avoiding any unintended damage to your valuable product, before testing, caused by courier mishandling.

We also encourage customers to visit our site to allow you and your team to review first hand the results of the testing and discuss next steps with our in-house experts.

Safe-guarding your product is as important for your brand as it is for your consumer's enjoyment. Most courier organisations also require your product packaging to be fully tested to meet their requirements, and at PackSure, we can carry out those tests, robustly and independently.

By engaging with PackSure you can be guaranteed a truly transparent process from beginning to end. Industry experience coupled with the latest technology in a controlled lab environment means all tests can be carried out confidentially, before going to market. The PackSure team will report back findings openly and honestly, with clear recommendations on how to improve your results, if required.

Why should you test your packaging

The reasons to test to your packaging in a secure, confidential and discreet environment offer tangible benefits to your business.

Production Protection

Giving you peace of mind that your products are well protected for shipment to their end market.


Giving you the opportunity to verify eco-friendly materials and structures.

Reduce Risk

Allowing you to be proactive in anticipating and navigating potential packaging challenges.

Cost Savings

Providing you with the freedom to investigate cost saving options.

Reduce Waste

Helping you to ensure consistent quality and avoid wastage.


We're close at hand to test solutions if and when you run into issues.

Expert Knowledge

Offering you independent, pragmatic support throughout your product’s development journey.

Pre-Market Confidentiality

Complete confidentiality and discreetness in a controlled environment, before you go to market.

Material Choices

Supporting you in the selection of the best materials, structures and finishes for the job.